Preshish Moments – Suddenly Appearing

One of the pieces I did for Alarm Will Sound‘s upcoming shows at Le Poisson Rouge (6:30 and 10:30pm, next Wednesday, 7/22/09) is an arrangement of a piece by Bay Area breakcore artist Preshish Moments called whydobirds. I had been wanting to do a track of his for a while, for a variety of reasons: it’s really good music; we’ve known and worked together a long time; and I had no idea how to, and if I could, pull it off.

What makes his piece even more teh awesomest is that it’s a remix of The Carpenters’ Close to You, which is not only a sick (if totally corny) tune, but it has a personal connection (awww…) – The Carpenters are from Presh and my hometown of Downey, Ca. and went to our high school. Presh has a similarly complex emotional relationship to sappy music (though he prefers yacht rock to my contemporary christian) and it comes out in the track. It displays obvious destructive tendencies – his tunes are pretty splice-arific – but there is clear reverence to (or, should I say, near-erotic obsession with) Karen’s voice. It is without a doubt the most tonal and sentimental track on his ridiculous album, Let’s Be Friends (Listen/Buy), which is probably why it appealed to me.

Here is the track, check it out:

And here’s what I’ve done with it:


I’ve been wanting to blog this video for a while, so what better time than now? Here is Preshish Moments live and in action in Paris.


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