Preshish Moments Album Out Now!!

Yo, my dog Preshish Moments (aka Sutros Sutros Ghali, Mickey Cizzle, Northside, and The Schwag King) just released his new album, Let’s Be Friends on Daly City Records. Daly City was started by Mochipet, an artist Alarm Will Sound covers on our upcoming album, Arhythmia.
Presh’s music is sick: complex without having that IDM pretension, sample-heavy based on obscure sources (for the thrift store record-collector in all of us), funny as hell, and like shockingly groovy. I highly recommend you checking it out.

Here’s one of my favorites, try to not want to eat a puppy after hearing this:

Best Friends

He’s also a ridiculous laptop battler, having won last year’s San Francisco Laptop and Machine Music Battle. Here’s a video of him in action:

So go pick that shit up right now, it’s on iTunes

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