New site!

So I’ve moved everything from Blogger over here to my new WordPress site and set up some new stuff. The largest addition is the music page. There are a ton of new tracks and recordings up, spanning the last five years or so. If there’s anything I left out that you’d like me to put up, let me know. For the time being they aren’t downloadable, but once I find a player I’m really happy with I’ll hook that up (well, aside from too much of the Little Death stuff, for professional reasons ;) – more on that soon).
Anyway, I’m happy with it so far. It’s simple, clean – hopefully easy to navigate. I don’t really need any of that zany flash stuff going on. I’ve also been waiting for like four years to use the above picture of me at the Pennsylvania farm house (taken by James Hirschfeld). So yeah, enjoy! I’m not exactly the fierce blogger that I once was, but I’m still a Google Reader addict, which means if you’re ever strapped for reading material, hit up this page and check out the Shared Items to your right. You could waste hours, seriously. K, it’s 4am, time for bed. All done WordPressing.


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3 responses to “New site!

  1. Looks awesome. Congrats on the move.

    WordPress can be a little wonky, but overall I’m totally happy with how easy it is to maintain. Enjoy.

  2. I don’t know why WP just feels cozier. Blogger somehow feels like the blogging equivalent of an AOL email account.

    FRIENDSTER BLOGS, on the other hand, may be the NEXT BIG THING. Witness:

  3. mattmarks

    Friendster blogs, ick, tacky…

    Oh wait:

    I’ve actually climbed the blogging ladder, in descending order of tackiness since 2005: Friendster to Myspace to Blogger to WordPress!

    Yeah, but there is some wonk, especially since I’m on WordPress.COM for the time being. So doing anything crazy requires freaking the widgets, since I can’t use any plugins. Whatever though, after procrastinating for, oh, ten years or so, I finally got something up!

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