New Music Monday!

I’ve added a couple of additions to the Music page. First is High Fructose, a piece I wrote for Joshua Roman‘s Seattle Town Hall concert series. It’s an odd piece, very difficult (though not intentionally so!), and the quartet rocked the hell out of it. The piece is about the composition process, as I attempted to stray from my sentimental tendencies – failing miserably – and coming up with an odd hybrid of über-sentimentality, frustration, and sadism. Enjoy!

High Fructose – Performed by:

Yuki Numata – Violin

Bill Kalinkos – Clarinet

Joshua Roman – Cello

Jason Treuting – Drum Set and Glockenspiel

Next is a piece I wrote for solo horn and laptop called Tallulah. I was obsessed with music from the Alan Parker film Bugsy Malone and ended up adapting melodies from the song Tallulah for microtonal horn, creating dense textures from the looped melodic material. This is from a microtonal solo concert I played at Roulette in November of 2007.

Tallulah – Performed by:

Matt Marks – French Horn

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