Listening for Non-Listeners

I recently became really burnt out on listening to music. My process in making music involves repeated listenings of my tracks/pieces so my time away from work began to involve more reading and watching TV and films. Thus I, a rabid music hound/record collector/mp3 pirate, found myself exchanging my headphones for a book on subway rides and deleting albums on my laptop to make space for my own projects.

Well, I’d like to turn that around.

I have, on occasion, been listening to music, but it tends to be unlike most of the music my peers are listening to, so I’ve been a little shy with it. So in the interest of full disclosure: here are some of my recent selections:

The Zombies – The Look of Love:

The Crystals – He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)

Mozart – Piano Concerto #24

Meatloaf – It’s All Coming Back to Me

Earl – Earl Sweatshirt [pretty damn NSFW]

Schumman – Fantasiestücke Op. 12 [Maria Yudina]

Any suggestions for tunes similar to any of these?


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3 responses to “Listening for Non-Listeners

  1. Pete

    To absolve my ears of the H Lewis/G Paltrow version, despite kinda liking “Duets”.

    mostly for the shorts.

    Songs that don’t have or need anything but solo a capella voice.

    Sorry, nothing to match your mozart on the docket right now.

  2. My boyfriend and I slow danced to The Zombies after I proposed. I love them. I love The Crystals too. If you don’t have the Rhino Girl Group box set yet, it is an absolute MUST.

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