Happy New Years!

As my partner-in-crime, Melly Hughes, sings Rosh Hashanna services all this week I reflect on the recent arrival of September, which to folks such as myself – whose lives still oddly rotate around those calendars Academic and Concert – is a New Year of a different sort. It has been a fun, crazy, and not-very-relaxing summer here in New York (not to mention unbearably hot!), and the slow arrival of Autumn is achingly welcome. In the meantime, I close myself in my living room here in Park Slope (our recent annual lease-signing an additional New Year) and blast the A/C, pretending our electricity bills don’t exist. It feels like a personal New Year because I have literally one zillion new things to work on, almost all of them fun, exciting, and fulfilling in a way that frightens me. I miss my blog very much, so perhaps this can be a new beginning for it as well – despite my shameful history of repeated false starts. I’d like to get back into writing; Twitter seems to have stolen much of the steam that used to power many a late-night rant or three. Also, I miss the utter self-indulgence of writing a blog. I love being pretentious and I love living in a city that rewards pretentiousness. I want to write about my gigs with a false sense of modesty, dance the backspace bolero with my right ring finger, and rewrite it with an equal and opposite false sense of bravado. That kind of pretentiousness. Not in the situation I described but in how I wrote it. And that too.

In all seriousness, I have some cool stuff coming up that I would very much like to write about, pretentiously or not. I have a bad habit of letting very cool things go by without highlighting them on my website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. I think it would be nice to give people who care to read about what goes on in my life the option of reading more than just a snappy Tweet. I’m entering a year with many changes in my life and much uncertainty. Maybe it will be more fun and comfortable if I just lay it all out on the table.

Oh yeah, I’ll be damned if all of my posts are going to be Matt/gig/music-related, so stay tuned for other totally random stuff.

In related news, I saw this on the street today in Downtown Brooklyn:




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2 responses to “Happy New Years!

  1. k8

    So this blog sounds like it was written by this guy I used to know….

  2. omg. masta shake? no way.

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