Myspace Music Finds

I’ve resolved to start listening to more music on Myspace. Quite a resolution huh? No, but actually there are a ton of fantastic musicians on Myspace and I’m always kicking myself for not spending more time on the site, just listening to music from my friends and strangers.

I thought I’d put up a few finds from my recent listening excursions. I don’t know any of these people. Here we go:

Michele Zayla
Her Myspace says Boulder, but her website says Brooklyn, so who knows. Alls I know is that her voice and music are ridiculous. She has an effortless silky strong jazz voice, but she adapts it to several styles: folk, soul, standards, etc. Here’s a song from her website. It’s real good, and I think the ones on her Myspace are even better:

By the sea – mp3

Vincent Bergeron
I don’t really know how to describe Vincent Bergeron’s music. Yeah, ok… eyes roll. You’ve heard it before. I’ll attempt. It’s sounds kind of like Zappa meets The Books meets The Shaggs. Does that make sense? Bergeron is a proudly unphotogenic geek who writes vivacious music, mostly in French (he’s from Quebec), and the rhythm seems to follow the rhythm of speech more than that of a metronome. He needs to hook up with Florent Ghys.

Child Traumatismes – mp3

Henri Fabergé & the Adorables
I’m a sucker for mixed male and female vocals. Especially vocals consisting of one male and several females. Hmmm… what does that say about me? Anyway, this is a fun-sounding band from Toronto. It would be cool to see them live. I dig the name too.

O Ella – mp3

Early Songs
Early Songs is the pseudonym for David Scott, who writes and plays all the instruments on his album. It’s nice instrumental folk that can border on the sentimental, but I still dig it. It kind of sounds like a less self-conscious Iron and Wine, sans voice. It’s end-of-the-day chill out music.

Raining – mp3

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