Kensington according to Urban Dictionary

Here is one person’s description of my neighborhood of Kensington, Brooklyn:

A very weird community in Brooklyn, has many ethnical backrounds ranging from Italians, Russians, Jews, Muslims, Irish, Albanians and others. Everyone always seems busy in this area and it’s usually all overpriced victorian houses. Kids all know each other but never really socialize and bring kids from other neighborhoods over. Very weird place but home to only two types of kids : extremely smart or extremely dumb. The smart kids usually go to Stuy, Brooklyn Tech, Midwood and other well rep’d school meanwhile the other kids go to F.D.R, Erasmus or some really fuked up school. The nerds usually never go out or are major pot heads/drunks who chill in other neighborhoods, the other kids usually hang around the corner. Adults have different jobs ranging from doctors, public health directors to taxi cab drivers. If you live around or in Ocean Parkway your used to the noises the russians make when its 2 am and they’re drunk as hell

Billy: I live in Kensington
Bob: Oh that deserted place?

Ha.. Leave it to Urban Dictionary.

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