Freqshift Debut this week

I believe that there cannot be too many new music ensembles in New York City. I feel very lucky to be here at a time when young people are doing tons of cool stuff with great, challenging, entertaining music.
One such new ensemble is Freqshift, a new collective full of musicians from the Manhattan School’s new contemporary music program. They have a couple of concerts this week featuring music by Berio, Andriessen, Takemitsu, a few of their own composers and more. Check it out. I would if I were in town, but I’ll be at the next ones.
Here is the info:

Freqshift is a New York-based musical collaborative that presents exciting new chamber music to new audiences. Dedicated to excellent music-making, the group trains together as the very first members of the Manhattan School of Music’s contemporary performance program in the Zero Gravity ensemble. Freqshift is committed to the collaborative process between composer and performer and its programs consistently include new works by composers in the Freqshift ensemble and other local talents. Bringing contemporary classical music to larger and more diverse audiences is of the utmost importance. By programming culturally diverse repertoire, performing in non-traditional venues, and presenting multi-media projects, Freqshift promotes a wider understanding of and appreciation for the music of our time.

Freqshift is

Amelia Lukas, flutes
Philip Everall, bass clarinet
Victor Lowrie, viola
Amali Premawardhana, cello
Andy Kozar, trumpet
Will Lang, trombone
Andy Akiho, percussion
Vicky Chow, keys
Megan Schubert and Jeff Gavett, voices

Thursday, December 13, 8pm
The Gershwin Hotel – Music by Berio, Carter, Creshevsky, Takemitsu, De Groot, Andriessen, and Freqshift’s own Andy Akiho.

The Living Room at the Gershwin Hotel, 7 East 27th St.
$10 cover, $5 for students – for more info 646 207 0595

Saturday, December 15, 8pm
The Player’s Theatre Arts Festival – Music by Berio, Lowenstern, Davidovsky, and Freqshift’s own Andy Akiho and Vicky Chow.

The Players Loft, 115 MacDougal St.
Tickets: $15 (at the door only) – for more info call 212-475-1449


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2 responses to “Freqshift Debut this week


    That is so crazy! About a year ago I registered the domain thinking I might use it some day as a band or music project name. I had heard it used in the recording industry as various vst or direct x plugin’s would use the term for an effect. I was recently considering using the name to release some of my heavier industrial music. But now, I may have to reconsider… – T

  2. Mafoo

    Ha, uh oh. Sorry man, us geeky new music ensembles are takin’ over!
    Seriously though, I feel your pain. is taken, by a guy, who makes music, and looks kinda like me. At least he lives in the U.K….

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