Morning Caffeinated Nonsense Part 2

I’ve blogged before about my annoyance with the inspiring messages on cups at Starbucks. Well apparently I’m not the only one. Back in 2005 the Concerned Women for America (sounds like a group you wanna party with don’t it?) staged a minor campaign against Starbucks for their liberal agenda, specifically for promoting the “homosexual agenda”.

The group believes corporations have a responsibility to reflect the diversity of their customers by taking a balanced approach — or staying out of divisive social issues altogether.

And while the group is not calling for a boycott, its position nonetheless raises questions about what role — if any — corporations should take on potentially sensitive matters, especially at a time when the nation is divided, largely along religious lines, on issues such as gay rights.

Look, Starbucks is a private company. They can say what they want, no matter how right or wrong, inspiring or aggravating. They are doing this whole campaign so they can be seen as slightly more maverick to their core consumers, urbanites and left leaning people across America. What’s odd is that the CWFA cites the Boy Scouts as an organization that Starbucks could contribute to in order to appeal to conservatives and “people of faith”. Ironically, the argument that kept gay scoutmasters out of that organization was that it was a private organization. I agree with the ruling, if I lament the organization’s discrimination of gays.

Also ironic is the apparent willingness of the CWFA’s numerous appearances on Fox News. The cable channel is obviously one of the clearest examples of the bias of a private company. But, like everyone I rail against, left or right, it only bothers them when the other side gets a break.

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