Zs on Howard Stern!!

Wow! I just listened to my friends in Zs on the Howard Stern show!! Howard and Co. are completely ignorant and full of shit of course. Zs is some intense shit and they really have no idea what is going on in the music. It’s rhythmically complex so Howard ‘n’ friends seem to assume it is just free or improvised. Far from it. It’s really intense, beautiful music.

More importantly, it is AWESOME publicity for Zs! Anyone with any sense of good music will hear them on the show and be like, Damn! This shit is kinda sweet!

You can listen to to the show HERE.

And check out this youtube video of their performance a year ago in Oakland, California. If you look in the back, you can see me bobbing my head like it’s about to come off!

PS double thanks to Ian Antonio, the drummer for Zs, who coincidentally lent me the parts for Scelsi’s Khoom!

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