Am I naive, or is Mika Brzezinski kind of awesome?

Here is a video from a couple of weeks ago of MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski tearing up her Paris Hilton script live on air. Unsurprisingly, ranking douchebag of the decade Joe Scarborough tries to stop her and downplay the incident. But she holds firm, refusing to lead with the non-news of Paris getting out of prison over Senator Lugar’s defection on the Iraq War. At first she tries to light the script on fire, then tears it in half, and when given another copy puts it through the shredder. Now this could be a ploy, but judging from the uncomfortable reactions from Scarborough and the dumbass to her right, it seems pretty real. The look on her face when the two unabashed company men launch into the Paris story is priceless.
PS I apologize for the preceding commercial, but it’s short.

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