New Track – Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors

“Have you never been mellow?”
These epic words were the title of Olivia Newton-John’s 1975 song and album. My response to that question is well, yes Olivia I have, um… ever been mellow. And if you listen to the selection of songs I have up on this here Myspace page, well damned if every single one of them ain’t rather mellow. So I thought to myself, why don’t I up and get myself unmellow on a song for a change. Most of the people on here have never heard my screaming chops (here’s a vocal tip: you don’t have to worry about pitch and tone as much when yer a’screamin!)

So I chose a rather unlikely song to get my scream on:
Somewhere That’s Green from Little Shop of Horrors. It’s a gorgeous, cooky little song that I wuv lots and lots.
And for you too-cool-to-know-your-musicals IDMers and Indie Rockers, I thought I’d add a video of the song from the movie for your viewing and listening pleasure:

So give my take on the song a listen. It’s kinda different.

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