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Le Écouter de Suzy

Hey check out some photos of my Sis and Robert’s amazing house on their designers’ website: Woodson and Rummerfield. They have the kind of dream home that I’ll never have the patience to create for myself! It’s very classic Hollywood, fitting since they live in that bastion of old Hollywood – Laurel Canyon.
Here are a few pics, which feature Suzy and her hubby Robert:

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And hey, I’ll include a shot of my own crafty design work. You can judge for yourself who’s got the style in the family:

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The dinosaur is named Louie.

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My Sis and Lance Bass

Yo! Check out my sister, the illustrious Emmy Award-winning Suzanne Marques, interviewing Lance Bass for E News HERE. I love when Ryan Seacrest says, “Suzanne Marques, you know her!”.

Suzy’s a blogger as well. Check out her blog while you’re at it.


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