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Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been big on sports, but I could care less about the steroid scandals!!! Seriously, what is the difference between taking a shot that aids muscle growth and working out on a machine? They’re both fucking unnatural! If it makes them play better baseball, track and field, early music, etc why the hell should it matter?? Freakball baby!! I wanna see hulking mass-men crushing baseball bats in their bare hands, veiny 7-foot-tall freaks with tiny nuts crushing the skulls of other freaks by throwing basketballs directly at their heads, neighing horse-women snapping calf-tendons at 25 mph leading to the mass-pile-up of 8 other equestrianite steroid atrocities.
I’ve long been a proponent of steroids in sports, I mean they are fighting a losing battle. Let Marion Jones keep the medals. Let Barry Bonds keep the needles and continue bashing little white balls into the heaven with the fierceness of a fucking supernova.

Btw, I’ll eventually have a more detailed description of my feelings on steroids in sports (I actually do believe what I just wrote). It’s something I’ve been working on in my mind for a while. Stay posted.

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