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Republicans vs Hillary

Although I talk a lot of shit about the left, they’ll still never be the fire-breathing assholes the Republicans are. Jesus, they seem to get off on un-gentlemen-like behavior at these debates. Have a degree of fucking honor, dayamn! They gnash their teeth like kids on a playground. I’m not a Hillary fan either, but speak about substance! My favorite of the bunch, Ron Paul, said it best:

“I think they’re bored, and they’re not discussing issues, so they have to come up with all this political stuff,” he said.

Paul characterized Clinton as “an easy target.”

“They’re using her to try to enhance themselves with the base,” he said.

If only he had a shred of a chance of even being nominated…

One of the best things I like about Obama is that he steers clear of these tactics, he’ll give his opinion when asked, but he doesn’t seem to thrive on it.

Hillary’s momentum is scary. Aside from the fact that I would not want her to become president, polls are showing her to be one of the Democrats least likely to beat the Republican nominee.

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San Diego mayor accepts Gay Marriage

Oof! Try watching this without getting a little choked up:

It is so rare to see a politician go directly against what he is supposed to do. It is remarkable that Republican (!) Jerry Sanders had the balls to do this when the leading Democratic candidates for President cannot do the same. As much as Obama might appeal to me, this one issue will make it pretty much impossible for me to vote for him. Sanders evokes the Civil Rights Era phrase Separate but Equal. There is really no other way to view the worthless, stalling attempts at pacification such as Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships. What is the difference between saying “Oh, but your Civil Union is just as good as our heterosexual marriage…” and saying “Oh, but your Blacks Only school is just as good as our Whites Only school…”?

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