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Microtonal Recital

I had my microtonal horn recital last night at Roulette. Overall, I’m happy. Some things could have gone better of course, but I’m trying to ease up on my post-performance perfectionism. I got a lot of good feedback about my piece Tallulah for horn and laptop. I just need to get over my phobia that I am boring the audience to death while I do laptop stuff. I cut my piece short because I was convinced that it was dragging on, but most people I spoke to said they wished it was longer! Cool!
Scelsi’s Khoom went really well too. Mad props to Mellissa Hughes who rocked out the vocals despite a cold that just wouldn’t go away! I was super-pumped about the ensemble, some of my favorite musicians and people in the world were playing.

Here is the list of players:
John Altieri – Conductor
Mellissa Hughes – Voice
Caleb Burhans – Violin
Chris Otto – Violin
Brian Lindgren – Viola
Kevin McFarland – Cello
Shannon Zakarison – Percussion

Thanks to everyone who showed up. Mad Wuvs!!!

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