200 Motels with the L.A. Philharmonic


I’m in my hometown of L.A. this week rehearsing with the Philharmonic for our big performance of 200 Motels on October 23rd at the Walt Disney Hall. This is my third time working professionally with this amazing organization: the first a few years ago splitting a concert with them and AWS+The Dirty Projectors; the second being last season when they premiered my mini-opera Strip Mall; and now this, singing one of the solo parts for one of the most insane pieces of all time. Hopefully, I’ll have time to blog more about it, but sufficed to say that it’s been a crazy fun time thus far.

Check out info for the show here:



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3 responses to “200 Motels with the L.A. Philharmonic

  1. Awesome! How was it? Which part? Was this recorded? I have the 2015 recording of the LA Phil performing it in Walt Disney Hall.

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