Saturday Stoop Sale’n’ in Park Slope

One of my favorite things about moving to Park Slope, Brooklyn has been our routine of wandering the streets every Saturday morning (and sometimes Sunday) looking for killer deals among the varied stoops of our brownstone-dominated neighborhood. I’ve built up a pretty decent (and quite nerdy) library, largely culled from these excursions, as well as the annual Park Slope book sale at the church on 6th Ave. and 8th St. We’ve also stocked our apartment with all manner of miscellanea we never would have imagined had we not stumbled upon them on the third step of some stranger’s reddish-brown stairway.

Today was a particularly good stoop sale’n’ day. Here is our booty:

Toys (mostly for Jackson…):

Toy Marimba (Nice, made of wood and everything!) – $5.00

Bakugan ball – $0.25

Harry Potter Wand – Free with other purchases

Backrest Pillow (Which Melly insists is called a “husband pillow”…) – $5.00


Dress for Melly, made by Ronen Chen (retails for $96.00, tags still on) – $10.00

Skirt for Melly, made by Gr. Dano (retails for $280.00, stags still on) – $10.00

Two T-shirts for Jackson (one Spiderman!) – $2.00

Vest by Hannah Anderson for Jackson – $0.50

Mittens for Jackson – $0.50


Chapterhouse: Dune –  Frank Herbert – $0.50

God Emperor of Dune – Frank Herbert – $0.50

Heretics of Dune – Frank Herbert – $0.50

The Icewind Dale Trilogy – R.A. Salvatore – (3 Books) $2.00

Dungeons & Dragons: Player’s Handbook; Dungeon Master Guide; Monstrous Manual (all 2nd Edition) – $3.00 (GEEK ALERT!)

Drawing/Writing Journal for Jackson – $0.50

TOTAL: $40.25

Comparable to a dinner for two at a decent restaurant. Not bad… :)

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