I [XX]

So I’m having excerpts of a new song cycle performed on Friday, 3/25/11 at Music at First and Thursday, 4/7/11 on 21c Liederabend at The Kitchen. It’s a collaboration with lyricist Royce Vavrek entitled I [XX] and I thought I’d post some of the lyrics because they’re awesome.

In short, I [XX] is a series of snapshots into a woman’s sexual life. All of the songs are based on the simple grammatical formula I [verb p.t.]. It was written for, and is being performed by, Mellissa Hughes and the Brooklyn Brass Quintet.

I [XX]
I. I Didn’t
II. I Tasted
III. I Pretended

I. I Didn’t

I didn’t. You thought I did.  But I didn’t.  You don’t know what you’re doing, you spend so much time down there completely missing the boat that I feel obliged to perform.  Howling, sighing, grabbing at the sheets.  You think you’ve conquered my genitals, I’m that good.

You finished. You did, but I didn’t. That’s why I sleep with the 18 year-old boy who delivers my Moo Shu Chicken. Five minutes and I don’t need to fake anything.  And he considers it his tip.

II. I Tasted

I tasted another woman in your mouth.  I don’t mind that you have other lovers, all I ask is that you brush your teeth between engagements. 


III. I Pretended

I pretended you were handsome.  I knew you’d be awkward as hell, but I pretended. I knew that you’d kiss me so softly I could barely feel it, that I’d find your moans annoying, that your hands would clumsily fondle my breasts, that you weren’t packing much heat. I knew that you imagining some girl from high school who never gave you the time of day. I waited for the accidental cry of her name.I knew the cab ride home would be longer than the time spent in your bed. I knew I’d bathe and wash you away extra hard, a whole bar of soap vanishing. I knew all this, but I pretended you thought I was sexy.

Here’s a little sample of that last one, I Pretended, from a recent rehearsal:

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