New Music Mondays (Tuesday Edition) – The Melly and Mafoo Variety Hour

If you are in and around New York on Saturday, Mellissa Hughes and my new variety show – The Melly and Mafoo Variety Hour – will be playing a set at The Gershwin Hotel at 8:00pm. The show – being run by our good friend and colleague, Alex Temple – is titled The Secret Life of Pop Music (sounds sexy, yes?). He’ll be presenting two of his pop-influenced pieces: Walled Room and Imogene.

We’ll being playing a set of covers, mashups, and remixes all based on very light bubble-gummy material, but set in distinctly different ways. I could try and describe to you what we’re doing, but hey, why not show you! :)

This is a mashup of the Narwhals song (the flash cartoon) with Don’t Know Much (popularized by Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt):

So if you likey (or are mildy intrigued) come check out our show! Here are the deetz:

The Secret Life of Pop Music

8pm @ The Gershwin Hotel

7 E 27th St. (Manhattan)
Here’s the event on Facebook with more info as well, see you there!


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6 responses to “New Music Mondays (Tuesday Edition) – The Melly and Mafoo Variety Hour

  1. I don’t know about narwhals, but you guys are pretty awesome. Can’t make the Saturday show, but hope there are more in the future.

  2. Eileen

    wish i could be there! :(

  3. The narwhals video is my new favorite thing, second only to the melly/mafoo mashup. Thanks for sharing – hope there will be more variety hours coming up.

    Nice site! You don’t need my help…

  4. nickie

    why can you sing so good can you send me please the song text and the note text

    sry,for my bad englich, im a german guy

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