Rhapsody in Blue Remix

Hey folkies, I’ll be performing a live remix of Rhapsody in Blue tomorrow (Wednesday, July 8th – 6:30) @ The Greene Space in NYC for the 85th anniversary of WNYC. If you’re around please come check it out, tickets are FREE! :)

If for some reason you cannot make it – out of town, in hospital (really the only two acceptable reasons…) – you can listen to it live on wnyc.org. Broadcast begins at 7pm EST.

Now, if there’s one thing I hate it’s a straight-forward remix, so I’m a little notorious for making remixes that eschew the spirit and style of their source material, in favor for something completely different (quite often I’ll take something simple and naive and make it dark and twisted – not too original I know, but I loves it!). With this source material, though, I completely respect and love it. In fact, performing a solo piano version of Rhapsody in Blue as a young teen in a recital was one of my first serious musical experiences. Irony seems a little out of place.

I’ll give you a sample of what you can expect tomorrow. All of the sounds are from various recordings of the piece, with the exception of two: the Amen break, and a few 909 samples.


It’ll be a great show. Also performing will be Alicia and Jason Moran, Marta Eggerth, and Dave Burrell, performing music by Puccini, Antheill, and Jelly Roll Morton.

Check it out!

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