Your Monday Morning WTF

Fox News thinks Mr. Rogers ruined a generation of children:

Yeah, um if there’s one problem with the kids of today it’s that they have too much self-esteem. Sigh… Is there really a need to argue this kind of psycho pseudo-social-darwinistic bullshit? Apparently there is, since Fox News is now instructing a generation of idiot parents to teach their kids that, what, believing in yourself is wrong?

I really hope the recent surge in crazy that’s been coming from the right is just the last gasp of a dying movement.

P.S. and I love how they vaguely link it to some “study” to add legitimacy. The conclusion of the “study” showed what? The young adults of today watched Mr. Rogers as children. The researcher believes the young adults of today have a sense of entitlement? Well then, case closed!

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  1. The Gurftastic Blog

    I think Mr. Rogers ruined a generation of young adults from ever wearing a sweatervest convincingly.

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