Great Moments in Auto-Tune Oscar-Edition

She sounds like she doesn’t really need it, odd that they would feel the need to use it.

Highlight: The auto-tune glitch mordent at 2:22.

Unintentional Ornamentation FAIL.


The Academy has forced YouTube to remove the video of the performance (thanx for the tip Bandicoot), and are apparently pushing this studio version, which is conspicuously free of the glitchy live auto-tune.

If anyone finds the original, please send it my way!


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2 responses to “Great Moments in Auto-Tune Oscar-Edition

  1. Anonymous

    wowww autotune really has made its way to the big time, boys

  2. Bandicoot

    It sounded sooo awful! I noticed it when watching live (actually with a 7-second delay)
    nothing’s really live anymore.
    By the way, the video has been removed.

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