Like A Prayer REMIX at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater

Hey all, my good friend James Moore is playing my piece for banjo and track – Like A Prayer REMIX – tonight at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church. James is a collaborator on several projects with me – including The Little Death, Ensemble de Sade, and the upcoming New Music Bake Sale (more on that soon!) – so I was stoked to write this piece for him. It’s a straight-up remix, chock full of chopped gabber-style Madonna samples, amen breaks nearing 200bpm, and squelchy analog synths smacking that saccharine pop tonality straight into your earholes. Now imagine that with everyone’s favorite bearded banjo player twanging his ass off over all over it. Worth checking out. He’s playing several other pieces written for him as well, including works by Wil Smith, Lainie Fefferman, Paula Matthusen, and Matthew Welch, so my ass is in esteemed company.

Also on the program is California EAR Unit’s Eric km Clark, a composer and violinist of some really cool and far-out ideas; one such is exploring the effects of forced limitations on performers (What the fuck does that mean? You’ll just have to come see!). He’ll be playing his own work, as well as pieces by Catherine Lamb, Travis Just, Tashi Wada, and Harris Wulfson.

Here’s the relevant info:

Saturday Feb 21st, 10:00 pm
Ontological Theater at St. Mark’s Church (Parish Hall)
131 east 10th street at 2nd ave
$6 cash only at the door

Oh yeah, and free beer.

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