Free Sampled Piano from Yamaha

If you are at all interested in having a good-sounding sampled piano for your studio, whether you’d just like a good sound for Sibelius playback or you’d like a decent sound for recording and/or performance you should definitely hop on over to the SONART website.

They are currently offering a free download of their Yamaha C7 sampled piano, which normally retails for $89. It’s by no means a top-of-the-line piano, but if you are sick of the shockingly bad-sounding piano in Sibelius and you have the Kontakt player installed, there is no reason for you not to grab this download.

For my tunes I’ve been using a pretty decent sampled Bösendorfer, so I don’t know if I’d prefer the Yamaha yet, but it can’t hurt to have another piano. Once it’s downloaded and you’ve gotten rid of all of the extemporaneous files it’ll set you back about 800 megs or so, not bad. I recently cleaned house to make way for Pro Tools, so I’ve got about 20 gigs free where I once had, I don’t know, one?

Here’s a sample of it in action: Puccini.mp3

Yes, there’s something funny about the attack – a bit too hard for my taste – though I don’t think it’d be too much trouble to temper it in a sampler editor.

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