Rick Warren

Now, y’all may know that I’m pretty deep in the Obama camp. I voted for him, I’ve written a lot about him, and I think he’ll generally be a great president. But one of the major differences I have with him is the issue of gay marriage. He’s against it. Let’s not do the whole he’s for civil unions bullshit, he’s against gay marriage and that’s all that matters. Well, in one of his recent hands-across-the-aisle gestures, he’s invited Orange Country megachurch Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Aside from being a pastor at a megachurch – which I think is evil enough – Rick Warren is of course super anti-gay and rallied hard against Prop 8, comparing being gay to incest, polygamy, and pedophilia:

Look, I get that he’s reaching out, that he’s not only going to be the president of the blue half of America. I get that, I encourage it. But this is frankly a slap in the face to gay people, straight up. Picking this douche at a time during which gays are feeling increasingly persecuted across the country should be pretty insulting. One thing I’m getting the sense of with Obama: he is not afraid to take advantage of those with whom he is in good favor. Gay people by and large love Obama. He can afford to smack them around a bit to woo the fundamentalists. When it all comes down to it, he’s a politician.

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