The 90s Are Back

Don’t you miss that golden age of film when all movies had a heaping helping of thinly-veiled upper-middle class guilt? Of course you do. Well, it looks like those days are back:

When the alien Klaatu stepped off his spaceship the first time, in 1951’s The Day the Earth Stood Still, he had come to warn us that man’s constant warring against itself had become a threat to other civilizations and we had better stop it — or else.

In director Scott Derrickson’s respectful, perfunctory remake, Klaatu once again comes to visit us with a warning, although he’s apparently been hanging out with Al Gore, since it’s what we’re doing to the environment that now has the extra-terrestrials wringing their hands (tentacles? pods? suction cups?)

Guh… Do we really want the days of this to come back?

(Btw, am I the only one who had a thing for Linka?)

This kinda shit ruined the ending of The Abyss, it probably ruined this (although probably already dead in the water) remake, and it will ruin countless more works of art by promoting the mandatory fusion of social responsibility and art. Fuck that. Social activism and art can coexist, but forcing your art to be activist or forcing your activism to be artsy usually creates sucky art and ineffective activism.

And PS, has anyone else noticed that this guilt-in-art trend always tends to coincide with economic recession? Interesting.

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