I like being right.

Newsflash! Mafoo’s blog official Stupidest Website of 2007, Blackle, is in fact full of shit:

LCD screens … are lit via fluorescent tube lights located above or behind the LCD screen. The screen scatters the light, creating the picture. When an LCD screen is on, the lights are also on. “Black is not created by the absence of electricity or by turning off the light,” explains Gray. “In a lot of cases, a black screen looks purple because the colors are created by mixing the right pixel elements in the LCD together at the same time

Look, I may be somewhat of a nihilist, but I don’t really wish the planet any ill. I think protecting the environment is a wonderful thing. But the recent “green” trend nauseates me, to be honest. It is just such a fad. People get caught up in the vanity of making themselves appear as “green” as possible by using Blackle and talking about their “carbon footprint” and shit. Fuck that. You know how I save the earth? I turn off my lights when I’m not using them, because I’m poor as shit and I don’t want a large electric bill. There is simply no way Americans are going to willingly inconvenience themselves on a mass scale to save anything. There will have to be some profit in it. Let’s hope Obama’s plan to invest in environmental jobs does something for the environment and the economy. Who knows though, because there seems to be a very large appetite for bullshit environmental solutions – maybe he’ll just give the public what it wants and appoint Ty Pennington the head of the National Greenwash Department.


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