Luke Rathborne at LPR tonight

I realized I’ve been neglecting to use this blog to let y’all know when I have an interesting performance. I guess I’ve been so caught up in the election season and everything, I didn’t even think to post about my concerts…

Anyway, tonight I’m playing with Luke Rathborne, who is a really cool young singer/songwriter, kind of in the folk/country vein. Here’s a video of one of his songs:

Also playing in the band are some of my best friends, so it’ll definitely be a good vibe. Stop by tonight if you want to hear some really nice, chill music.

Luke Rathborne’s In Search of the Miraculous with Bowery Boy Blue & Cameron Hull

Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street

Luke Rathborne – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Steven Bard – bass
Todd Cohen – drums
Matt Marks – French Horn
Gina Valvaso – Bassoon
Eileen Mack – Clarinet
Kelli Kathman – Flute
Christa Robinson – Oboe

Tix are 11 bucks I believe.

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