Mafoo Enlightens the Masses

Despite my absence of posts this weekend I had my highest number of hits in this blog’s short history. Why, pray tell? Is it because of my penetrating insight into Angelina Jolie’s breastfeeding pic? Was it my prophetic posting on Joe the Plumber before it was cool. Perhaps people in general are finally realizing the essential uniqueness of my perspective and are flocking to their new source of knowledge and inspiration…

Nah, it’s porn.

Yeah, I wrote about Sasha Grey about a year ago, around the time of her notorious appearance on Tyra, in a NON-EXPLICIT post about her unconventional career in porn. She made mainstream news this week from her casting in an upcoming Steven Soderbergh film called The Girlfriend Experience where she plays (surprise!) a call girl. Well, that was enough to drive the masses to furiously search (what, Google blogsearch?) for her through the deepest recesses of the internet, into the welcoming arms of MMM. Upon arrival these pioneers spent approximately fifty-three seconds on my blog, just long enough to realize that the post contained no porn and no links to porn, and fled.

Now, if you are such a lost soul that you are searching blogs for your porn fix – and apparently thousands of you are – then I’ll do you a solid.

Go here. (NSFW)

Type in Sasha Grey.

And you should be good.

Otherwise, can I interest you in some musical theater geekery? No? Ok, then how about some info on the new Miyazaki film? The use of environmental propaganda in “Love is…” cartoons??

Ok, just go look at the porn.

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