Fun with Fox News Comments

A few post-debate thoughts from the readers at

(Try reading them aloud for extra fun!)

Obama looked like a smug brat when they did those split screens!!! Its Like the US wants a preacher and not a president…sure Obama is smooth but if anybody out there besides FOX NEWS wachters did there homework his 1 and 1\2 years voting record in Congress and his years In IL Politics speaks for itself!!!! Tax and spend, immoral, disgusting, LIAR and very probably ANTI-WHITE agenda is everywhere….anybody out there whose for OBqama do your homework and then you’ll know that a good speaker will make a President we should FEAR!!!!!! unless your on wellfair and wanna take the Government for all its worth….get a clue!!! I’m also dissappointed in the FOX NEWS coverage for tonight your panel has seen too many debates if Obama looked confident to them…HE LOOKED SMUG!!!!!!

What percentage of Fox followers are white racist christian terrorists?

McCain, he’s honest

Its hard to trust Obama

I am a dem. but have to vote for McCain

Thank You

To All of you who seem to think that mccain won…………….. let the freedom ring……………..this is the dream let be known all over the world…….

don’t forget the whole world is watching………………………..
no tricks,no bin laden tapes……..

Ever notice how nasty democrats are!?!

This is in response to “Dodie” who said “I used to think that I would get an unbiased report from Fox, but not anymore!I am so very dissappointed!!!” ARE YOU KIDDING, FOX NEWS IS THE MOST RIGHT WING NEWS STATION OUT THERE SO FOR THEM TO ADMIT OBAMA’S STRENGTHS JUST PROVES THAT HE ACTUALLY DID WIN!!!And it also proves that you have been so used to hearing what you want to hear- pro McCain speak- that when you actually hear the truth you an;t handle it.

mccain be the deciever

the dem on here cant talk fact they have to take hugh part of the page saying nothing because you cant defend Obama socialist view with tax the rich and give it to the poor

Fox news is like the boy who cried wolf. Now nobody believes anything the say. Fox news lies lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies,lies. Fox News has no integrity. Fox News has no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor!no honor! Newscasters at Fox News are MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!MENTAL DEFECTS!Fox News people are intellectually challenged!intellectually challenged!intellectually challenged!intellectually challenged!

Goooooooo forward and VOTE for McCain.
Goooooooo forward and VOTE for Palin.
Goooooooo forward and vote for the Sweetness.

Do you feel it? Do you?

Science has be taken by Godless an written in the words of the devil who lived, and lives. Read the Book that matters. Read it and the answers are all there. Palin understands this. She does. She will win and it wil be by her sex to win over those who crave. They will vote for her for the wrong reasons but, it will all be to plan.



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3 responses to “Fun with Fox News Comments

  1. nate

    i smell a song cycle…

  2. angelin

    The internet, print, and television media is in an uproar over the doctoring of two journalists’ photographs, some going as far as calling Fox’s actions Anti-Semitic. Fox, of course, is claiming that it’s all fair play and that they’re just defending themselves from attacks by the mainstream media that they’re currently leading in ratings.
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  3. Anonymous

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