America’s Largest RN Organization Says: If We Can Nationalize Banks, Why Not Healthcare?

Great point.

“Clearly, the proposal to partially nationalize some banks comes as our financial system continues to plunge off the cliff. But there’s no less a critical emergency in our healthcare system,” said Rose Ann DeMoro, executive director of the 85,000-member National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association.

“In homes and hospitals across America, our healthcare system is dying a quiet death. The millions of Americans who endure their pain away from the spotlight of Wall Street or the glare of TV lights deserve sweeping systemic solutions as well.”

Yeah, I’ve never understood why so many Americans stand by as their health services crumble. It affects almost everyone. As someone who has dealt with a ton of medical bullshit, I can say that health care is a much more pressing issue than the banks collapsing, as well as the “War on Terror”. Fighting terrorism is sold to us as trying to stop the possibility of thousands of people dying in another attack, while thousands of people die every year due to lack of health care. I do not fucking get it. A death is a death. Whether it’s from a bomb or cancer, doesn’t really matter in the end. I’m relatively conservative when it comes to the expansion of government – I’m a fan of very limited government – and universal health care is a no-brainer to me. As long as you are going to have a government you’d might as well ensure that your citizens do not die needlessly.

For the record, Obama’s plan does not impress me very much. It seems like another patch on a broken system. Clinton’s was better.

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One response to “America’s Largest RN Organization Says: If We Can Nationalize Banks, Why Not Healthcare?

  1. DJA

    Agreed on all fronts, Matt.

    I’m holding out (possibly vain) hope that the new Congress introduces health care legislation that goes much further than Obama’s plan.

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