Updates On This Blog

I’ve been making some changes on this blog in the last couple days:

1. I changed the design template from that crappy dark blue bullshit to a simple white page. It’s not ideal, but it’s clear and will do until I take the time to fancy it up, which could be never.

2. I’ve cleaned up the page a bit, getting rid of one of my pictures and a couple redundant categories.

3. I’ve ditched the links to many of my songs, which were hosted by fileden.com (yuck). I joined the brand-spanking new SoundCloud, which is a nice music sharing site. I’ll have a rotating embedded song (that doesn’t play automatically), that has a link to where you can download said song and many others. The current song is Sing, give it a listen.

4. I’ve added ShareThis links at the bottom of all of my posts. This is an easy way to share things you read here on Facebook, Digg, Reddit, Myspace, etc. Just click the box and a menu will pop up. I’m still figuring out how to make the link show up in RSS readers, but hopefully I will soon. Btw, if you use an RSS reader and you received about 10 test posts from me today I apologize!

I’ll be gradually making more changes in the future, so stay tuned.

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