No on Prop 8!

I just donated to the No On Prop 8 campaign for California. I suggest you do as well. This may hit a little closer to home for me since I’m a native Californian, but anyone who has any feeling for the cause of equality should care about this. This is the civil rights struggle of our time and anyone who opposes it will find themselves on the wrong side of history in the years to come. I try to be careful of issuing blanket statements of what is morally right and wrong, as I see too many on the left and right infusing politics with morality, but this is an area where there should be no compromise. Outlawing gay marriage turns homosexuals into second-class citizens. And “civil unions” are a second-class institution (I’m talking to you Obama).

Please, donate if you can, and bug your Californian friends to get the hell out there and vote.

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