T-Mobile G1 User Guide

I just found out that I have to wait until November until I can get my G1 at the discounted price… Weak. The deal is that you have to wait until you are 22 months completed of a two-year contract or 11 months of a one-year. Normally my impatient ass would cave, but it’s a difference of about 120 bucks.

Sigh… For now I’ll just have to settle for some G1 porn:

The T-Mobile G1 User Guide

Oh yeah, and here is my favorite part of my convo with T-Mobile:

Faceless T-Mobile Henchman: So you’ll have to wait until November for the discount.

Impatient Mafoo: Um, ok… (twitching impatiently) Is there a specific date in November that the discount will apply?

Faceless T-Mobile Henchman: No. Just November.

Impatient Mafoo: No, I mean what day will I be able to buy my prec… er, my new G1?

Faceless T-Mobile Henchman: You can buy it in November.

Impatient Mafoo: So, what? Like November 1st??

Faceless T-Mobile Henchman: Yes, November 1st.

Impatient Mafoo: Oh. So the “specific date in November that the discount will apply” is November 1st?

Faceless T-Mobile Henchman: Yes.

Impatient Mafoo: Sigh. Thank you. (hang up) Grumble grumble corporate behemoths grumble…

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