Troll Culture Goes Mainstream, um… Even More So

Oprah gets pranked:

If you’re wondering what the fuck this is all about, I’ll help out a bit. This letter was likely written a member of the 4chan community. 4chan is an imageboard where people can post anonymously and there are, famously, very few rules. Almost anything goes. It caters to messageboard trolls and it is a meeting place for said trolls to organize mass pranks. This is where famous memes such as lolcats and rickrolling came from. Like any culture, it has a significantly developed lingo which is largely created out of inside jokes. The language is kept deliberately obscure, in large part to discourage outsiders from understanding, leaving them more susceptible to prankery (For example: “an hero nao pl0x” means something much different than what it looks like). So anyway, said troll posted this in Oprah’s message board, chock full of memes with the hopes that someone would bite. Someone did. Oprah. On live TV. Pwned. “Over 9000” is a meme that relates to an episode of Dragonball Z. The “doesn’t forgive, does not forget part” is part of the credo of Anonymous, a loosely unified group of trolls based out of the 4chan community. Yeah, it’s a really twisted joke. But you gotta give ’em props for fucking with Oprah’s alarmist bullshit.

UPDATE: New video embed up.


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2 responses to “Troll Culture Goes Mainstream, um… Even More So

  1. peter

    What happened to Oprah? They took the YouTube vid down.

    Also – someone translated the entire bible into lolcat. WTF.

  2. Mafoo

    Thanks for letting me know about the video!

    Also, lolcat bible is one of my favorite things ever.

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