Links 9.15. 08

Sappy patriotic propaganda film, Proud American, has the worst opening for a large release ever. It’s actually the rejection of mindlessly uplifting slop like this that makes me proud to be an American. Check out 1:34. “Like, Dawn. This is our table. You have to leave. Like, go!”. Awesome. Who talks like that?? Actually I kinda want to see it now…

I can’t think of anything I’d rather remix less than a new Third Eye Blind album.

A map of the U.S.A by personality type.

It’s tragic that such an innovative game as Spore is getting overshadowed by the controversy surrounding its bullshit copy protection, but the anti-DRM movement is pretty inspiring.

It’s taken until today for to feature the tragic death of DFW. He was only, ya know, one of the nation’s greatest living novelists. No, but you’re right. O.J. in court again is a much bigger story.

Too little, too late, BB. Seriously, ditch the trackball.

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