McCain’s Lies

Dude. When will the mainstream media stop using the terms misleading, dishonest, distortion, manufacture, inaccurate, etc? The word is LIE. It’s simple. This ad is full of lies. There is no bias in using the word. There is no reason that you should be afraid of it.

Watch this:

Although most people think I’m a native Californian, I actually moved to Downey, California when I was a child. I spent most of my youth in Southern California, but my family only moved into that house on Casanes Ave in 1985 when I was 5 years old.

K, I just lied there. I just implied that I was born outside of California. I wasn’t. All of my statements are technically true, but I knowingly made you believe what I wanted you to believe. It is true that most people think I’m a native Californian, because, um, I am. I did move into a house on Casanes Ave when I was 5, from another house a few blocks away. I misled you; I was dishonest; I distorted the truth; I manufactured a false past; and my statement was inaccurate. I lied.

This commercial says “The attacks on Governor Palin have been called ‘completely false’…’misleading.'” and references while showing a picture of Obama, obviously referencing Obama’s attacks. The thing is, wasn’t talking about Obama at all:

There is no more basis for attributing these viral attacks to the Obama campaign than there is for blaming the McCain campaign for chain e-mail attacks falsely claiming that Obama is a Muslim, or a “racist,” or that he is proposing to tax water.

I mean, I see the balancing act that they are playing. They never explicitly say that those quotes were in reference to Obama, but anybody would make that connection and they know it. It’s a lie, plain and simple.

The other claim in the video, that “The [Wall Street] Journal reports Obama “air-dropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers” into Alaska to dig dirt on Governor Palin.”? That report was found (and known by the McCain camp) to be inaccurate well in advance of the ad. So yes, the Wall Street Journal did report that, and the McCain campaign used the fraudulent information in a campaign ad. I’d consider that a lie.

Here, let me muster up a scenario (can you tell I like analogies?):

Ok, so a little boy, named Horace, is sitting in class just before lunchtime, and the teacher tells the class, “Children, as a special surprise, they are serving pumpkin pie for desert today!”. All the kids cheer and such. Horace can’t wait to tell his little crush Wilda the good news, but when the little boy arrives at the cafeteria, he finds out that the teacher was mistaken. There is no pumpkin pie. Dejected, he shuffles down the hallway, hands thrust into his pockets. But at the other end of the lockers he sees Wilda walking toward him. His heart skips. Grasping for anything he can say to impress her, he blurts out: “Ya know, teacher says they’re serving pumpkin pie for dessert today!”
“Oh, how I do love pumpkin pie”, Wilda exclaims as she’s departs eagerly for the lunchroom, “thank you so much for being the bearer of good news!”. The flutters in Horace’s chest gradually filter away as the realization of Wilda’s imminent disappointment grows. Dun dun duuunnnn…

Aaaannnd scene! Ok, you catch my drift. McCain is just as much a liar as that little bastard Horace is. Using semantics as a crutch in no way makes up for the moral failing of attempting to make people think things that are untrue.

Now Obama, FUCKING CALL HIM ON IT! Please. Seriously, dude. I respect your poise, your class, but man, fucking call a press conference or something and hit him back. There is so much more fodder Obama can use, that is actually true, to smear McCain. Do it or else people are blame your classy ass for 4 more disastrous fucking years.

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