Watching the RNC

Michael Steele is leading the floor on a chant of “Drill Baby Drill! Drill Baby Drill!” Oy… This cheery rejoicing of an energy source that is doomed to run out essentially typifies the surreal mindset of most in the Republican Party.

In fact I would say that the theme of this convention is Cognitive Dissonance:

They are embracing the big-government neo-conservative policies of the last 8 years while screaming for government ‘out of our lives’.

They are describing McCain’s torture in gruesome detail while refusing to admit that the same tactics when employed by our own government is torture at all.

Romney is decrying “Big Brother” liberalism, without a reference to the surveillance program started by the Bush administration.

I could keep going but I’ll just say this: this is a party that is dying in its current form, but they are going down fighting. I know Obama is looking to work with these people, but good luck man. If anyone could do it it’s Obama I guess, but I’m looking forward to seeing how on earth he attempts to do this.

PS. Romney is fucking crazy. You’ll be seeing some clips from his speech on the news I bet.

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