Gustav Thoughts

I’m watching the press conference about Gustav preparation right now. Jindal has got his shit together, damn. Sounds like they’re doing their damnedest to prevent another Katrina. Let’s hope it’s not too bad.

On a purely political level, this had got to be somewhat of a catch-22 for the people who mismanaged Katrina. If it’s significantly less of a catastrophe than Katrina, it will show just how much of the tragedy was avoidable and a direct result of the failings of Brown, the Bush administration, and FEMA. If Gustav is really bad, than it will just show the sheer incompetence of the federal government to handle any serious natural distaster.

Chertoff just spoke for a bit and Jindal is back on the mic. Say what you will about his political persuasion, the man is on top of his game. Definitely makes me feel a little better about what may happen.

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