Fuck this bitch.


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  1. DJA

    Dude, it’s WorldNutDaily. They serve this shit up every day. It’s like their raison d’être. They had a whole bunch of pieces just like this around that time (Oct 2004), as strikeback for MJF endorsing Claire McCaskill in Missouri. (Remember Rush Limbaugh’s shtick on this?)

    But yeah, Stanek is a particularly loathsome creature. On the other hand, the fact that she was willing to actually play the “cannibal” card is kind of hillarious.

  2. Mafoo

    Aaaaa… yeah I know… I usually try not to feed these nutcases but this one hits close to home (PD runs a lot in my family). I must admit though, the “cannibal” thing made me think of that South Park episode where Christopher Reeves eats a bunch of fetuses and becomes all superhuman and shit. That made me laugh.

  3. Nate

    Hmm, she sounds pretty serious about preserving life in every possible way one could view it… she must vehemently oppose the barbaric practices of war and the death penalty too. What? She supports the war and thinks abortion should be punishable by the death penalty? I guess those things are ok… because they’re “for the greater good…”

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