The Little Death Live this Saturday!

I will be performing excerpts from my Post-Christian Nihilist Pop Musical, The Little Death, on the East River Music Project this Saturday. Doors open at 2:30pm and I am opening, best of all it’s free! It is a showcase for New Amsterdam Records, that awesome new label you’ve all been hearing so much about. It should be an awesome show – it is the debut of my Lil Death Band, featuring Mellissa Hughes, Caleb Burhans, James Moore and Pete Wise, four of my favorite people on the planet. I am sharing the bill with some awesome acts as well: itsnotyouitsme, Timberbrit, Mark Dancigers, and Alex Sopp.

For the occasion I am putting up a few new songs from The Little Death on my Myspace, as well as on my New Amsterdam page:

OMG Suite – An epic nihilist pop anthem

I Like Stuff – A gun-to-the-temple smile-fest from start to finish

He Touched Me (new version) – A hyper-sexualized cover of a gospel favorite

All of these songs feature soprano Mellissa Hughes, an amazing singer and my main collaborator on the musical.

I am also interviewed in the latest New Amsterdam Podcast, give it a listen to hear me speak with authority on subjects such as sexual undercurrents in Christian music and the use of Auto-Tune as a method of clearing ones soul free of sin.

Hope to see you on Saturday!

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