Happy Week!

K, I’ve kinda noticed that my blog has been a little overly negative in recent weeks (months? years?). I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing – where better to air your grievances than in public – but I thought it might be nice for me to do with some enforced positivity. I also had a nasty migraine yesterday, so the usually attractive idea of starting my day out with a Mafoo Blog rant doesn’t hold the same excitement as it often does. Right now thinking too hard makes my entire skull hurt.

So I thought I’d devote an entire week to things I like. Or rather, I’ll have an entire week free of things I hate. Ya know, things like… Uph! Nope, not gonna do it.

To commence my wade into the waters of happyland, here are a few recent things I like:

1. I like watching low-budget slasher movies (grindhouse films) on YouTube. I watched two last night, Pieces and Scream Bloody Murder. I’d provide the link, but I don’t want them to be found out and removed. Search YouTube for them though if you are interested, they shouldn’t be too hard to find.

2. I like the Bershire Fringe Festival. Spent the weekend there, caught a couple shows, and hung out with some good friends.

3. I like the International Music Score Library Project. This is serious shit, check it out. Worth a whole post of its own.

4. I like the Montauk Monster:

5. I might might MIGHT be softening my hatred for Wraps. I still think they are weird bastardized burritos, but I had a couple this weekend that were ok…

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