The W Trailer

I’m sorry, but this just looks retarded. From what I’ve seen and read about it, it just seems like the standard “Bush is an idiot” crap that you get from much of the left. Stone bought the best actors he could buy, shoved them into the roles of the top players in Bush’s family and cabinet, and pushed it through the production process as fast as he could.

Look. Yes, Bush is a dreadfully incompetent president, probably one of the worst ever. I know it, Stone knows it, half of the country knows it, and this is a movie for that half of the country.This movie will not change anyone’s mind, it is just candy to make people who hate Bush feel good about themselves. Fuck that. I don’t want to see that. I want to see something that challenges my beliefs and ideas, not affirms them. Propaganda does not make good art, I don’t care how much I agree with it. And this looks like a pile of crap.

I’m way over Oliver Stone, btw. He’s a fucking 90s director. He’s like Ron Howard with a chip on his shoulder. He makes romantic, idealistic films – especially his biopics – that fictionalize his characters into neat little dramatic packages. He started the trend of romanticized biopics that create superficial deities of his subjects, whether good or evil. But you can tell that he still thinks of himself as this maverick film maker. Yuck.

Anyway, the problem with this film is that it gives fodder to the critics on the right who tend to portray people on the left as sour, elitist, and mean-spirited. You’ll never persuade someone with insults, no matter how good it makes you feel or how justified you feel. All you will do is perpetuate the fight.

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