LOLCats Finally Stop Being Funny

7 Funniest Green LOLCats:


Ya know, this whole Carin’-for-the-Environment craze is getting old.

What? Huh??

Yeah, sorry. It’s a fad. It’s temporary. Give it another year or so and we’ll be back to our old wasteful selves again. People are simply too selfish to endure minor inconveniences on a mass scale in order to help Save The Earth.

Don’t think so?

Hey. Remember the 90s? After the excesses of the 80s, the early-mid 90s was a time of unusual social consciousness. I remember being taught recycling in schools, Earth Day was a hit, Captain Planet was chillin with the Planeteers, and people were cutting their plastic soda can holder thingys so fish and birds wouldn’t get caught in ’em. Yeah, that whole thing went away a few years later when the economy started doing better ( music follows this trend as well: top band in 1992 – Nirvana; 1998 – Backstreet Boys ).

The economy sucks right now. The country is fucked because of Bush. It makes perfect sense that people will start caring about causes (that they will not be caring about in about 5 years). I just don’t wanna sit through it.

Still not convinced that this whole carin’ ’bout da environment/global warming-worrying thang is merely a fad?

Then here you go:

Two symbols of decendence, excess, and waste teaching us we ought to learn to restrain ourselves and be more conscientious about the impact of our actions. Yeah. Really. It’s a show. Don’t miss it.

Cuz nobody will care in a few years.

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