With GTA IV coming out today, I really hope Hillary goes apeshit about how video games will lead to the apocalypse or some shit, like she has in the past.

She says the series demeans women and contributes to a “silent epidemic” of sex and violence in the media that could harm children.

“They’re playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them. You know, that’s kind of hard to digest,” she said in a speech in 2005.

Sigh. GTA doesn’t encourage people to murder prostitutes any more than real life does. The actual controversy with GTA is that it affords you realistic choices. Yes, you can murder prostitutes. Or, you can drive around in a Ferrari. Or, you can fly a jetpack around the desert. Or, you can drive a tank around and kill hundreds of people. Ok, well maybe not realistic choices, but more than Contra or Halo.

The fact that Clinton, Lieberman, and others think so little of the populace that they believe we could be somehow ensnared into a life of violence by an electronic toy (which is essentially all GTA, in its exalted glory, really is) shows the elitism and authoritarianism at their core. GTA is nothing like real life, not one person thinks it is. It’s a motherfucking badass video game series that should be appreciated for the work of art that it is. GTA IV is seriously making me wish I never forsook my video games systems in the pursuit of other electronic endeavors.

(See also: Study find no link between video games and violence)

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