Another Stakeout Love

I haven’t really spent as much time on IMDB as I used to, I mean I’ve never really been a message-board geek but the IMDB boards were always a good place to find film recommendations. Well, one of my cult movie faves apparently has a solid following on IMDB. It’s nice to see others appreciate Another Stakeout for the diamond-in-the-rough that it is.
Here are some excerpts of the discussions among the “Stakers”:

It was disappointing that the studio had final cut. Badham originally submitted a 4 1/2 hour masterpiece. During the original screenings, people who viewed the original cut have agreed that it would have swept the oscars in every major category. It was a different movie – it had moving performances, a poignant screenplay, and the cinematography was breathtaking. The screening ended with a 10 minute standing ovation. Among the featured actors whose scenes were left in the editing room floor were Harvey Keitel, River Phoenix, Willem Dafoe, and Alan Young in a potentially career defining role as the assistant district attorney.

I hate all of the posers who say they are fans of Another Stakeout. Just because they picked up this classic on dvd or video or… laserdisc. Maybe one of those newfangled… blue rays or good definitions. If you didn’t see this movie in the theater 7 times, you don’t care about it. If you loved it so much, you would go back in time and see it in the theater like everybody else. So get the hell out of my house.

I have 4 [tattoos]. One on my back that is a picture of Emilio, Richard and Rosie–it’s sort of a profile-montage. The next one is on my ankle–it’s a stylized “AS” in gothic font. The third is on my left wrist (on the inside, to be as direct a link to my heart as possible) and it’s the box-office total, including worldwide distribution, VHS, DVD and television market shares, excluding percentages of the gross not mentioned in the original figures. The last one is on my bum, and I cannot divulge what that depicts. It’s a secret between me, my tattoo artist and God.

Anyone else hear rumours that Gus Van Sant, on the belated heels of his Psycho remake success, is going to direct a shot-by-shot remake of Another Stakeout? I have heard rumblings of John Mahoney and Jerry O’Connell reprising the Dreyf and Estevez roles. Curious to see who gets cast as Asst. DA Gina Garrett.

I’m a 62 year old man and an Another Stakeout enthusiast. When I’m on the internet I can pretend to be a lot of things; a 25 year old handsome man, an 18 year old nympho asian girl, Kelly LeBrock, a bored house wife, a 20 year old nympho asian girl… But one thing I’ve never pretended to be is not an Another Stakeout fan. That truth lies in my heart.

So if you’re a closet Staker, head over to the IMDB boards and show some love. Oh, and be sure to visit the AS fansite!

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