Obama apologizes over the use of a highly offensive word

Heavens! How did Obama let this one slip?

Ok, seriously? They’re riding him over use of the word ‘bitter‘?? The level of debate is so shockingly juvenile. Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be a person I simply do not respect, that is unworthy to lead. She knows how Obama used the word, she knows she is full of shit, but she continues to freak on it. This is either an impressive display of cognitive dissonance, a facility in lying, or she’s as dumb as the people she thinks will buy this crap, and I don’t believe she’s dumb.

Now, I don’t think Obama will change politics as we know it. I know his hope stuff is pretty much a load of crap. I disagree with a good amount of his policies. But the fact that he is even attempting to raise the level of discourse in this country is enough for me.

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