6 Million for Baby Photos

Guh… Does this blow anyone else’s mind? People magazine paid 6 million (!) for exclusive baby photos of J.Lo and Marc Anthony’s twins. Marc Anthony then took half of that and bought his wife a pair of 3.2 million dollar earrings… Double guh…

Ok. I can understand when Hustler offers Ashley Dupre a million to pose nude; there are millions of guys who want to involve her in their own private fantasies. It’s out, but it makes sense. 6 million for fucking baby pictures though? That means there is 6 times the demand for these baby pics. Ok, this is something I just cannot fathom. Maybe it is because I am a guy. Maybe looking at baby pics is to women what looking at porn is to men, in that it fulfills the same fantastical obsessiveness. But, ya know, apparently 6 times as much.

The thing that makes Mafoo’s brain shatter into 6 million tiny shards of fractured agony is this: Doesn’t People understand that within minutes these photos will be all over the web??? So that their exclusive feature on the spawn of these two hateful gluttonous monsters will be meaningless???? Can anyone hear me???? Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Ok, fuck it. I guess I just don’t get it. Here’s a video about a guy who fucks his picnic table:

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